When I'm not snuggling my own dog, Mr. Jack, you can find me in my "cozy corner" sipping on some hazelnut coffee with oatmilk, listening to a podcast most likely on personal growth. I find joy in genuinely making people laugh, seeing the big smile on Jack's face when I tell it's "walkies" time, and chill Sunday mornings spent at home with my partner and best dog-dad out there, Luke.

Thanks for being here!

Hey, I'm Cedar

I'm a portrait photographer based in Madison, WI with a strong belief that I was meant to give dogs the spotlight.

My love for dogs has been around ever since my parents brought our puppy, Guinness, home when I was 5 years old. We were best friends. I told him my deepest darkest secrets, he'd keep me safe from monsters under my bed, and he was there for me when I needed it most.

Over time, and photographing everything under the sun, I found that photographing dogs with their humans just felt right. Guinness has his own set of photographs for me to remember him by now, and I want to continue giving that gift to anyone else wanting to create a space held specifically for the love they share with their four legged friend.

Why I've chosen this path

A little about my approach 

When it comes to photographing dogs, there is never just "one way" to do it. Each dog is unique in their own way and require different levels of patience, timing, and attention. Whether you're wanting those photos of your dog getting the "zoomies", or simply those sweet & snuggly moments documented, I'm your photographer. I'm there to photograph what most represents your dog at heart and the relationship you share.

Guinness + me circa 2000

custom artwork for May, 2022

Wanting some fun artwork inspired by your sweet pup? I am currently booking for May, 2022! 

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